Hello, I'm Kate and I'm obsessed by factories - I grew up in them, as my Dad was an engineer. I love their smell & sounds & take my materials & inspiration from them

I've run creative businesses all my life, having 'run away to join the theatre at 16 and having worked all over the country as a Stage Manager then Director, I then worked in urban regeneration with all sorts of communities before settling 22 years ago on a career in the Design sector, as MD of 2 well known commercial interiors practices.

Recently I created the distinctive urban jewellery brand Factory Floor Jewels as a solo creative project, for which I take my inspiration from my healthy obsession with factories and random bits of metal! I love the interaction with people who love to wear my jewellery, whether it is at a craft fair or online.

Here's my original artists statement:

I am a Factory Girl with a 40 year
fascination with industrial buildings
& the creations that come from them

As a child I often spent Saturday mornings
with my Dad in his office above the factory floor
- he was one of the last, great,
packaging engineers

Many of the objects used to create
the Factory Floor Jewels range are discovered
on the floors of trade suppliers and manufacturers,
instrument technicians & luthiers
in the cities in which I live & work

The collection includes simple basics,
& some more unique pieces
that re-imagine the materials I find

(& tell the story)