Some simple tips to keep your Factory Floor Jewels in top condition

I hope you will be pleased with your unique piece of handmade jewellery; it was made with love and if you treat it kindly it will continue to add to your individual style and turn heads for years to come.

Here are my top tips for fashion jewellery care:

  1. Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off<
  2. Jewellery should not be worn while swimming, bathing, showering or in a sauna. This particularly applies to plated pieces
  3. If possible remove your jewellery before heavy housework, gardening, DIY or at the gym – this makes good health & safety sense too, as jewellery can get snagged on tools and other items
  4. Where possible store your jewellery in an air tight bag or box rather than in the open air as this will prevent it from tarnishing from oxidisation
  5. Simply buff silver-plated items with a soft cloth. Don’t not use jewellery cleaners or chemicals as these will cause damage to the plating
  6. Apply perfume, hairspray, and other lotions before wearing jewellery - put it on once your products have dried

If you accidentally break your jewellery, lose one earring, your chain has lost its shine or you have another jewellery care question, send us an email to

All Factory Floor Jewels items are lead and nickel free and should therefore pose no problem for those with sensitive skin.

Many of our items are Silver Plated – this is where a fine layer of silver has been electroplated onto the item. Silver plated items might need a gentle clean, or a wash in warm soapy water. As with any jewellery make sure the piece is thoroughly dry before storing. Be gentle as plating will eventually wear off and please do not use a silver cloth.

Platings can be repeated for frequently worn items to return them to their original condition – your local jewellers should be able to do this for you simply and affordably.  If you are having problems finding a suitable service locally please do email us at